What is a creative piece?

colorful ideas spring from a woman's head like flying birds

So, what the heck is a creative piece, you ask? If you just started a business, you probably had a business card made. That qualifies as a creative piece. So does your letterhead, your website, your newspaper ad, and that TV ad you’ll buy eventually. Each product photo in your online or print catalog is a creative piece. Each tweet, Facebook and Instagram post also qualifies as a creative piece. So does a press release, a blog post, a magazine article, or a white paper.

We work with other public relations firms because many PR firms lean toward the planning and strategic side of the business. Your publicist may rock at campaign design but lack zingy copywriting skills. She may strategize stellarly and land you bookings on talk shows galore, but lack the focus to focus on a great camera shot. Or he or she may not live near individuals with those talents. We help each other. Whether it’s a large firm or a solo publicist, Powell Lawson Creatives works with them – or you directly – to craft the perfect pieces for your press packet. These partnerships deliver zesty words, sexy headshots, and sing-a-long jingles.

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