Areas of Research

Powell Lawson Consulting conducts hazards and weather research, focused in the areas of:

• drought, wildfires, and hurricanes,

• organizational learning in hazard mitigation,

• risk communication,

• the Internet and mobile Internet as hazards mitigation tools, and

• renewable energy.

Hurricane Katrina destroyed the Pearlington, Mississippi home to which this dock attached.

Selected Research Publications

The following links highlight recent research conducted by Powell Lawson Consulting and its clients and/or research partners. Please contact us to learn more.

• Lawson, Carlie. 2022. “Infrastructure, Storms and Social Effects: The Effects of Extreme Weather on an Unfinished Subdivision in Extreme Rural Oklahoma.” 1st WWRP/SERA “Weather and Society” Conference 2022.

• CONVERGE Compound Hazards and Cascading Disasters Working Group. 2020. “Extreme Weather Events in a Time of Pandemic.” CONVERGE.

• Kelman, Ilan and Lawson, Carlie L. 2008. “Extreme event warning systems as social processes.”

• Lawson, Carlie L. and I. Kelman. 2008. “Slow Migration Due to Environmental Contamination: The Making of an Oklahoma Ghost Town.”

• Lawson, Carlie L., Baze, Lucas, Meo, Mark. 2007. “Emerging Energy Technology Survey: Oklahoma State Agency Interests.” University of Oklahoma.

• Lawson, Carlie L. 2007. “The Potential of Internet Technologies in Hazards Mitigation: The Oklahoma Fire Danger Model as an Online Nowcast/Forecast Tool.”

• Lawson, Carlie, L., Meo, Mark. 2006. “The Fire Danger Model and the Mesonet – the Underutilized Benefit of IT Software in Oklahoma’s Drought Planning and Management.”

• Lawson, Carlie, L., Jabbar, Afsaneh. 2006. “The Effects of Climate Change on Water Resources Planning: The City of Shawnee Perspective”.

• Jabbar, Afsaneh, Lawson, Carlie, L. 2006. “Planning for Drought in a Changing Climate: Directions in Planning and Management Techniques.”