Soundbytes: What is scriptwriting?

By Tammy Jeannice

A movie maker works on scriptwriting with a  movie editing device, laptop, earphone, movie clapper board, and notepad.
Movie maker with movie editing device, laptop, earphone, movie clapper board, and notepad.

The term scriptwriting refers to the linguistic art of crafting scripts for media features. A script documents the narrative for video games, movies, television commercials, videos, or television productions.

Parts of the scriptwriting format

A scriptwriter writes prose that demonstrates emotions related to the content of the TV, radio, or podcast’s intended message. In the scriptwriting process, each scene includes an action sequence, the characters, and the dialogue. The scriptwriter uses a structured format called screenplay formatting that places dialogue, physical actions, special effects cues, and camera shots, when necessary, on a page using simple fonts in average size.

Recognized throughout media, this layout makes the script easy to read and offers every piece of information a specific location on a scriptwriter’s page. Screenplay formatting tells the voice or commercial actor what to do, what to say, and when to do it.

Typical advertising uses of scriptwriting

Most people think of a film script when someone mentions scriptwriting but many other uses for a script exist, including television commercials, radio ads, podcast sessions, and YouTube videos. A strong advertisement script can grab the audience’s attention and hold it while urging them to purchase the item, visit the website, or come into the store to take advantage of a sale.

Screenwriting for advertising brings together catchy music, exciting words, the client’s products or services, and actors and actresses to convey the feeling that the consumer must buy now or the product could sell out or sell for a higher price if the audience doesn’t act soon.

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