Soundbytes: What Is a Print Ad?

By Emily L. Goodman

Colorful billboard print ads line one wall of this subway station, advertising a college, a bar. painting services, alcohol, and more. Photo by Tobias Moore
Colorful billboards line one wall of this subway station, advertising a college, bar. painting services, alcohol, and more. Photo by Tobias Moore

The term print ad refers to hard copy advertisements printed in publications or as billboards or posters. These print ads offer a highly visual look at what your brand offers, including specific products or services you want to highlight.

Types of Print Ads

The marketing industry offers many types of print ads, including those found in publications, distributed locally, and featured as billboards. Let’s look more closely at the print advertisement options available. 

Magazine Print Ads

Magazine ads appear in both general magazines with a wide audience and specific industry or hobby magazines, marketed to a tighter target audience. They range from full-page glossy advertisements to text-only classified ads.

Newspaper Print Ads

Newspaper ads make it easy to target people within a specific geographic area. These classic ads can help businesses substantially increase their reach within a local area. These also range in size from text-only classified ads to full-page advertisements in black and white or color.

Posters as Print Ads

Hanging posters in locations visited by your target audience catches their attention and could generate brand interest. Consider poster giveaways as a brand-building activity related to large events or major product launches.


Brochures provide potential customers with more extensive information about your brand and everything it offers. Distribute print brochures as mailers, hand them out at events, or partner with other local businesses to distribute one another’s marketing collateral.

How Print Ads Fit into Marketing Plans

Print ads offer a great way to increase exposure and build brand authenticity. They help draw attention to your brand in the places customers visit physically, offering additional contact with those customers and capturing their attention.

Print ads offer a crucial part of a marketing plan. Whether posters, billboards, or magazine advertisements, they draw traffic to your website and help generate increased interest in your digital marketing offerings.

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