Powell Lawson Consulting logo. Fire and water wrap around the globe symbolizing PLC's work in natural hazards and environmental hazards

Severe Weather Planning Services and Research

Powell Lawson Consulting provides natural hazards, disaster, and severe weather planning services. PLC also conducts hazards and weather research with respected academic and business partners.
Based in Oklahoma, “the weather capital of the United States,” PLC has ready access to leading academic experts in the weather and climate fields to complement its experienced staff of professionals.

Powell Lawson Consulting Work Ethic

At PLC, our favorite phrase is “taking it one disaster at a time,” because we are, and we do. Every client is our most important client and every disaster there is to prepare for is “the big one” because a break in business continuity or municipal functions could be “the big one” for you.

Although PLC has grown and expanded its services since its founding in 2006, we have and will continue to do one thing well – address the topic of natural hazards. We are not here to be the biggest, we are here to be the best.

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