Extreme Weather Events in a Time of Pandemic

The CONVERGE working group, “Extreme Weather Events in a Time of Pandemic,” explored how the impacts of COVID-19 could affect the ability of practitioners and communities to prepare for, cope with, and respond to extreme weather events. Using a global scope, the group identified ways that COVID-19 amplifies or attenuates risks to people and infrastructure associated with a wide range of weather hazards such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and heatwaves. It also identified and developed practical strategies to mitigate those risks. Carlie Lawson of Powell Lawson Consulting was honored to serve on this working group with a group of her esteemed peers.

You can download the working group’s https://converge.colorado.edu/v1/uploads/images/extremeweatherandgeohazards-1594314842933.pdf paper from the CONVERGE website. Explore the CONVERGE website to read the research of other working groups as well. This paper complements others in the area of compound hazards and cascading disasters.


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