Soundbytes: What is a photograph or graphic?

A printed page from a dictionary illustrates how a photo or graphic quickly tells a story. Photo by Joshua Hoehne
A photo or graphic quickly tells a story. Photo by Joshua Hoehne

Although sometimes used interchangeably, the terms photograph and graphic refer to different, related marketing collateral.

Definition of a Photograph

A photograph, or photo for short, captures visually spectacular images created by light that falls on a photosensitive surface. You capture your photographs with various types of cameras, such as 35mm, digital, and motion pictures, then print to paper or display the images on digital screens.

Choosing the correct photo for your website, catalog, or ad helps your branding. Photo by Jon Tyson

Definition of a Graphic

The term graphic refers to a hand drawing, digital drawing, or pictorial diagram. An artist creates a graphic pixel by pixel, rather than capturing an image with a camera. Essentially, you draw your graphic images by hand or use other technological tools such as graphic design software to create them.

A graphic illustrates how quickly your company fulfills catalog orders using two-day shipping.
Graphic by Powell Lawson Creatives

Using Photographs or Graphics for Your Business 

At Powell Lawson Creatives, we think using the right images for your business website improves your branding in three important ways:

1.  Enhances Visual Proof

Adding photographs to your business website provides visual proof of your products and services. Customers see what you’re selling and can determine if you offer what they need.

2. Convey Messages 

Images more quickly convey messages than text. Images tap into people’s emotions. That makes a greater marketing impact on your customers. 

3. Improves Relatability

Images help potential customers relate to your products. The right image helps convert a potential customer browsing your website to peruse your catalog into a buying customer.

Get Photos For My Website

Let us help you create eye-catching visual media for your small business. Contact us via the Powell Lawson Creatives contact form. We can help you create the photos and graphics that define your brand and sell your products.

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